On the 5th July, I’ll be reading at an event in Norwich to launch Unthology 10, a new collection of short stories edited by Ashley Stokes.

The Independent Literary Fiction blog says: “I can’t recommend Unthology 10 enough. It’s a class act from a brilliant publisher, and it really is one of the finest short story collections that you’ll read all year.”

My story in the anthology, ‘When Nature Calls’, was originally written for a very early draft of The Stone Tide, and features the granddaughter of Peg Stamford, the character in the novel who drives Aleister Crowley to his fateful meeting with John Logie Baird in Bexhill. Peg is now an old woman, eking out her days on the crumbling cliffs of Fairlight, as storm tides rage and the nuclear power station on Dungeness heads for a melt-down.

So, in a sense, this story is a spin-off that takes place in the same alternative universe as The Stone Tide.

If you’d like to hear me read it, join me and some of the other contributors at the Writers’ Centre in Norwich at 6.30pm on Thursday 5th July. I’ll also be reading a choice extract from The Stone Tide.

For more details of the event, click here. To order Unthology 10, click here.

The Stone Tide has had some great feedback recently from folk I greatly admire – if you’ve not got a copy yet, you can get it from the homepage of this website, or Amazon if you prefer.

Some wonderful and moving writing therein – the familial throb throughout most powerful as mind and matter start to disintegrate – moments of REPULSION ebbing and flowing inwards – whilst the phantomic coastal current pulled me outweirds and onweirds
– Andrew Kötting [GallivantBy Our SelvesSwandown, Lek and the Dogs]

A brave, inventive and profoundly moving book, new English landscape writing at its most expansive and necessary. Gareth E Rees is a post-punk Sebald.
– Ashley Stokes, editor of the Unthology series

Puts the ‘psycho’ into psychogeography.
– Andrew Weatherall