The Stone Tide, by Gareth E. Rees is officially released on March 8th 2018.

Preview copies have been circulated among authors and reviewers with some terrific feedback.

  • “The funniest, most readable, most intelligently self-searching book I’ve read in years,” says M John Harrison
  • “The Stone Tide is a marvel, almost an All Devils Are Here for its corner of East Sussex,” says Travis Elborough.
  • A complex map of past lives, hiding places, and scarred psyches,” says Aliya Whitely.
  • “Reminiscent of W.G. Sebald, particularly The Rings of Saturn,” says Chris Josiffe.

You can read more reviews and press here.

To celebrate the launch, we are holding an event at Burley Fisher books on Kingsland Road on Thursday, April 5th, from 7pm until 9pm (then the nearest pub afterwards.)

There will be a live reading, lots of booze, signed copies of the book on sale, and lively conversation. Plus did we mention the booze?

Everyone is welcome. Tell all your book-loving friends. The Stone Tide will be enjoyed by anyone who’s into psychogeography, landscape writing, folklore, horror or weird fiction.

If you’re on Facebook, here’s the event page – let us know if you’re coming:

Alternatively, there will also be a launch party with live music, spoken word and DJs in Hastings on the 23rd of March. More details to follow soon.

To pre-order a hardback copy of The Stone Tide, click here.