The Stone Tide is released on the 8th of March.

It seems an age away, doesn’t it? How long can people wait for a psychedelic coastal tragicomedy featuring Aleister Crowley, John Logie Baird and an eel with a head the size of an armchair?

The hardback version has been available for pre-order for a while, but now you can now order The Stone Tide in paperback AND  glorious hardback from Influx Press.

If you’re interested in landscape, memoir, weird fiction and black comedy, then please buy a copy now if you can. The more advance sales, the more Influx can put into their marketing and promotion, or spend on commissioning new, exciting underground authors. It’s a win-win situation. Support indie publishing, and get yourself a book into the bargain!

As a free gift for your attention, here’s a sneak preview of one of the images inside the book (top image).

Order The Stone Tide from here.