The new book from the author of Marshland, Gareth E. Rees

‘The problems started the day we moved to Hastings…’

When Gareth E. Rees moves to a dilapidated Victorian house in Hastings he begins to piece together an occult puzzle connecting Aleister Crowley, John Logie Baird and the Piltdown Man hoaxer.

As freak storms and tidal surges ravage the coast, Rees is beset by memories of his best friend’s tragic death in St Andrews twenty years earlier.

Convinced that apocalypse approaches and his past is out to get him, Rees embarks on a journey away from his family, deep into history and to the very edge of the imagination.

Tormented by possessed seagulls, mutant eels and unresolved guilt, how much of reality can he trust?

Published by the acclaimed Influx Press, Rees’s follow-up to Marshland is madder, darker and even more ambitious. It continues his quest to push the boundaries of literature, fusing memoir with inter-dimensional travelogue, folk horror and weird fiction. The book includes illustration by Vince Ray and stunning cover art by Bristol-based artist Hollis.

At its heart, THE STONE TIDE is about grief, loss, history and the imagination. It is about how people make the place and the place makes the person. Above all it is about the stories we tell to make sense of the world.

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